Gallery 2017 Damien's Run 
Damien's Run June 4th 2017
An alchemist would say to create a magical experience you would need a certain time, a certain place in nature, a dash of memory, an important cause, good music, great food, old friends, new friends the beginners mind of children and running to complete the experience. This simple act of giving and receiving underscores all the hard prep work of our volunteers to bring joy to the participants in this - the 19 annual running of Damien's Run again this year!
Patapsco Park set the scene for an magical experience runners and walkers enjoyed on a sunny Sunday morning.
Doug Mock won overall: Doug set the new course record Time: 17:19:0
Victoria Brun Won top Female with a Time: 20:39:0
Arleen Dinneen our local legend for community service and running, year after year she runs Damien's consistently winning her age group, no exception this year.…
Special Recognition to Tom Green for placing in his age group and running the 5k without assistant, Tom is an incredible inspiration of overcoming adversity.
Special shout out To Phil & Vicki Lang (Bullseye Running) for a smooth organized timing/finish line.....
Damien's Little People Run Division was a hit again this year! 
Every race director can tell you: “You never know what can happen when planning and executing an event, so welcome everything and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” This serves as a good life lesson for all.
This was our 19th Year putting on this great event to raise a little money, raise some awareness and remember Damien my son. 
Damien has been gone from this earth longer than as he lived here, yet his memory will continue to inspire me every day until my time here comes to an end.
We love the new location and look forward to continue to be a small yet not silent voice concerning substance abuse & addiction.
It’s not about the crowds, organization or the money it’s about people and the time they share with each other. I’d rather be the facilitator of people connecting instead of raising money. Money focus can often disconnect us from the important experience of community; it’s easier to measure money but it never fills the void.
I want to sincerely thank all those who have participated or volunteered over these past 19 years. To name a few I’ll start with the Howard County Striders who without their support we would have never been able to get this race off the ground.
Many people have been engaged for many years if I left you out just ignore me at next week’s Bagel Run. Nancy & Bob Burns, Shelley Yore, Judith Weber, Ron Weber, Rick Hatfield, Tom Lewis, Harry Walker, Hugh Gordon, Meaghan Walker, Gina Massella and Donna Snyder. I must say because of this core group we put on a flawless race year after year.
Please join us again next year for our 20th Damien's Run
Race Director
Ralph Massella
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